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Our Favorite Groomed Runs for When OpenSnow Calls for Bluebird Days

January 12, 2021

Corduroy shredding, groomer bombing, railroad tracks... whatever you want to call it, the recent stretch of sunny weather has been perfect for carving arcing turns on-piste. With more sunny days to come, we've partnered with OpenSnow so we always know the right equipment to bring to make the most of whatever sort of day it is on the mountain. While the fleeting beauty of a powder day is always something worth celebrating, we've rounded up a few of our favorite "old-reliable" runs that make every day on the mountain feel special.

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noun_square_1911421 green-circle Springmeier to Swinger

This cruisey run off of Peak 8 starts out as a blue run then splits into several different green runs. Our favorite green to take from Springmeier is Swinger, since you can move a little faster and stay out of ski school's way a bit better (and keep them out of your line). This is the perfect run for low-intermediates up and for mixed groups to make sure everyone has some fun, as there's plenty of little rollers and fun terrain for more advanced skiers to take advantage of, while not having too steep of a pitch.

noun_Diamond_1772478 Spruce

Another great option off of Peak 8, this steeper option is geared towards advanced skiers. Bomb down the face and show off under the lift, then enjoy a nice low angle finish to the base area on Swinger. This black run is on the shorter side, so it's a good choice if you're looking to transition off of blues onto something steeper without making too much of a commitment.

noun_square_1911421 Monte Cristo

The Independence Chair on Peak 7 is covered in corduroy blues that are perfect for hot laps on a sunny day, but Monte Cristo is our favorite. This run features the perfect pitch for big, carving turns at speed, with plenty of rollers and pitch changes to keep it interesting. With a few friends, this is a favorite to lap all day.

noun_square_1911421 Claimjumper

Another beautiful blue run off of Peak 7, Claimjumper can either take you back to Independence Chair for more runs in the area, or take you to the base of Peak 8 for lunch, a bathroom break, or an après beverage outdoors at The T-Bar while you watch skiers come down.

noun_Diamond_1772478 Cimmaron

We think of Peak 10 for great ungroomed terrain when there's powder in the forecast more than groomers on sunny days, but Cimmaron is the most reliably groomed run over here for those looking for something steep to get some speed on. While whatever Peak 10 runs happened to be groomed are great for advanced skiers, we appreciate Cimmaron as a bail-out option that still feels fast and fun when we start a double black but realize we'd rather be on-piste.


What are your favorite runs when the sun has been shining a few days in a row? Did we miss any favorites? Let us know in the comments.



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