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Local Olympian Alex Deibold: The rise from wax tech to PyeongChang front-runner

December 9, 2017
An athlete's Cinderella story comprises of humble beginnings and an inspiring rise to success. Alex Deibold's career is exactly what one would expect from such a story and in this case, a snowboard is what helps Cinderella climb to the top.

Photo: John David Mercer, USA TODAY Sports

Deibold began snowboarding at age 4 and entered his first competition at age 8. Although he was trained from a young age, Deibold had difficulty making his mark into the scene as an adult. In 2010, he was invited to the Vancouver Olympics as an assistant to the team to wax boards. As a wax tech, he watched others live out his dream from the sidelines not knowing that at the next Olympics, he would be standing on the podium receiving a medal.  

The 2014 Olympics in Sochi was a game changer for Deibold who came out with a Bronze medal in the snowboardcross event. For the 2018 Olympics, Team USA believes Deibold brings a great advantage to the team based on his previous experience winning medals.
Deibold currently lives in Colorado, but trains in Utah. During the summer, he can be found working at a bike shop near his home in Boulder. When he's not training for the Olympics, he can be found riding in Summit County.
 The 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang is looking promising for Deibold. His full Olympic profile can be found here.  

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