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Fall Foliage at its Finest

September 10, 2018

Breckenridge is approaching the most beautiful time of year.  Sweet September is when summer meets fall with the vibrant fall colors emerging among the sunny bluebird skies.  Driving through the mountains of Breckenridge is a perfect way to view the foliage.

My personal favorite is a scenic drive over Boreas Pass Road, which will take you up to around 11,400 feet.  The endless aspen trees make you feel as if you are surrounded in golden sunshine with the most vibrant fall colors.  Take a stop to view the 13,000 + foot mountains where your soul and senses come alive.  Breathe in that fresh mountain air with a cool fall breeze at your back.  Take a picture of the panoramic view of the Breckenridge Ski Resort, along with the downtown area.  The site is stunningly beautiful, and now is the time to go.

Suggested route options are to drive up Boreas Pass and then back down again.  Or, another option is to take the entire 17 mile trip to Como where you will take a right on Highway 285 to Fairplay, and then come back to Breckenridge on Highway 9 over Hoosier pass.  The 17 mile loop is my favorite way to see the surrounding area of Breckenridge.


Finish your drive with a visit to the downtown area where the streets are still lively with visitors and locals alike.  There are over 160 shops and restaurants to check out.  The fall sales may have your luggage filled with all kinds of unique souvenirs.  Or, you may find that perfect jacket listed at 50% off.  The simplicity of fall in Breckenridge is a perfect time to visit.  For more information, checkout breckenridge.me.


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