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Fall Bike Riding in Breckenridge

September 7, 2019

Take in the amazing views and landscape with a scenic fall bike ride in Breckenridge.  There are several single track trails, gravel roads, and paved trails to chose from.  However, my favorite bike ride in Breck is the Peaks Trail.  I would say this is more of an intermediate trail, however there is always the option to hop off the bike and walk the technical sections allowing for beginner/intermediate level biking to give it a try.  It also makes for a great hiking trail.

The Peak trail is about an 8 mile out- and-back trail that connects Breckenridge to Frisco (or the reverse) through the mountains and forest with views of several high peaks.  The design of the trail was thoughtfully created where it is below treeline with shorter uphill climbs and downhill descents.  While there is about 1,600 vertical feet of elevation gain throughout the trail, it is moderate paced.  I reference the vertical feet because a lot of the mountain biking trails in Colorado go directly up mountains with quick vertical gain making for a challenging (but rewarding) rides.  I appreciate the Peaks Trail having moderate gain and staying below tree level.  AKA, not riding straight up a mountain.


Photo:  Taking in the views of the Peak Trail

The ride takes you through a beautiful wooded forests and along meandering streams.  The views are truly spectacular.  It is by far one of my favorite bike rides in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado.  If tired or mountain weather abruptly moves in, another perk of the trail is being able to stop off in downtown Frisco or Breckenridge before turning back to your reverse starting point. 

While on one of my Peak Trail rides, I have been in a time constraint where weather looked to be moving in, and thankfully I was able to take the Recreation Bike Path (also connecting Frisco and Breckenridge together) back to my starting point instead of riding on the Peaks Trail.  It felt like a win/win - I was able to bike on dirt singletrack through the forest for the first half of my ride, and then return safely (and swiftly) on the Recreation path back to my car.   Thankfully, it did not storm, however I would have had a safe resting spot along many points on the bike path.


Be sure to put a bike or hike on the Peaks Trail next time you are in Breckenridge.  Fall bike riding is soon upon us - this is the perfect way to catch the changing leaves.

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