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Stay on top of the Weather with These Unique Apps and Websites

January 29, 2020

The storms have continued to roll through since the first big snowfall in October. 193 inches so far and a 55 inch base depth. Nearly all the mountain (95% of terrain) is open and there is more snow to come! Be the first to know when it does and stay on top of your ski goals, with these unique apps and websites.

     You can check the report the morning before going out, but conditions are constantly changing as it snows. The Epic Mix app makes it easy to plan the most epic ski day (if you are an Epic Pass holder). You can watch webcams, stay on track of weather, and use the powder finder.

     If not an Epic Pass holder, our snow report right here at Breckenridge.me  will allow you to keep up with the snow rolling in and terrain openings. Our forecast is constantly updated and even comes with links to recently written articles on the snow conditions and weather patterns. 

Ski Progress
     And lastly, and in my opinion a couple of the coolest apps, is the Trace Snow and Slopes: Skis & Snowboard. Have the ability to keep track of your skiing each day including speed, vertical drop, distance, calories, and more. Using these apps, you can push yourself, keep up on your progress, or simply be entertained.

Don’t hesitate to download these apps and be ahead of the crowd for the opening of new terrain coming soon!

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